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Effective Employment Law Advocates

For more than 20 years, both employers and employees have turned to the attorneys at Barker | Cook for serious, committed legal representation during employment-related disputes.

Located in Tampa, our firm helps businesses and individuals in Florida and nationwide find effective and efficient solutions to their most complex employment law matters.

What Type Of Employment Dispute Are You Involved In?

At Barker | Cook, we know both sides of the coin. Because our lawyers represent both employers and employees, we are able to provide greater insight into the inner-working of our clients' employment-related disputes. We provide legal counsel and advice to individuals and businesses involved in a wide variety of employment law disputes. This includes:

  • Harassment and discrimination — It is illegal for employers to discriminate against employees due to race, sex, religion, pregnancy or disability. At Barker | Cook, we represent employees and employers during discrimination and harassment actions. Our firm helps employees protect their rights against discrimination and helps employers defeat discrimination claims by showing legitimate business reasons for the decisions they make.
  • Whistleblowing — Numerous laws and regulations exist to protect employees and the general public against dangerous and unscrupulous business practices. Employees who report their employer's illegal or fraudulent behavior are known as whistleblowers. The lawyers at Barker | Cook represent both employees and accused employers during whistleblowing and qui tam cases.
  • Wage and hour claims — Our firm assists employees and employers throughout the state during a wide variety of employment-related disputes, including wage and hour disputes and unpaid wages claims.
  • Employment contracts — Our attorneys also draft and review employment contracts, including noncompete agreements that protect the rights of both employees and employers.

Get The Legal Help You Need

Contact the Tampa employment litigation attorneys of Barker | Cook at 800-539-5728. Depending on the nature of your case, a contingency fee basis may be available.

Could Your Dispute Be Mediated?

Chris A. Barker is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a circuit-civil mediator. He can bring parties together using mediation to obtain out-of-court resolutions which help litigants resolve their legal disputes in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Based in Tampa, Mr. Barker conducts mediations throughout Florida and can conduct mediation conferences via Zoom for the convenience of all parties. Contact our office today!