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Wrongful Use Of Business Information

Under Florida's Uniform Trade Secrets Act, it is illegal for an individual or business to acquire another's trade secret information using improper means such as bribery or misrepresentation, or to improperly disclose another's trade secret.

At Barker | Cook, our lawyers represent employees accused of theft of trade secrets, and businesses who have suffered financial harm as the result of trade secret misappropriation or disclosure.

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What Types Of Information Are At Issue In Your Case?

Trade secret is a broad term. It can include any information, formula, pattern, program, device, technique or process that provides economic value by virtue of it not being generally known.

There are also certain types of information, such as customer lists, that employers may seek to restrict former employees from using. This is sometimes done through employment agreements that restrict competition for certain places and times.

We begin by examining whether the trade secret or other company information is legally protected, and if so, the extent of the damage caused by it becoming public knowledge.

Oftentimes, what a business considers a trade secret is, in fact, not legally protected as such. In these cases, individuals who disclose information are not liable for doing so. However, in cases where a trade secret does provide proprietary information that gives its owner a distinct business advantage, our attorneys will tenaciously pursue injunctions to stop the offending behavior, and hold those responsible liable for any financial harm that resulted.

Taking Action

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Could Your Dispute Be Mediated?

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