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Crafting Customized Solutions For Your Real Estate Dispute

When disputes regarding commercial real estate arise, our attorneys help clients find creative solutions that resolve disputes efficiently while preserving company assets and business relationships. At Barker | Cook, our Tampa law firm provides comprehensive legal representation to businesses throughout Florida.

What Type Of Real Property Issue Are You Facing?

At Barker | Cook, our lawyers identify intelligent, innovative solutions to clients' most complex commercial real estate disputes. Common real estate issues include:

  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • The purchase and sale of commercial properties
  • Quiet title actions
  • Investment disputes
  • Partitions

Many of our business clients are in the commercial real estate business. When partnerships dissolve or investment contracts are breached, commercial real estate holdings must be allocated among ex-partners or investors. Disputes between landlords and tenants also may arise, and other issues may prevent commercial properties from reaching their full investment value.

When partnerships dissolve and businesses terminate, commercial real estate holdings owned or leased by the dissolving business must be sold or divided among the partners. When a sale is necessary, our firm assembles a team of financial and business valuation professionals and tax experts to value commercial properties and determine the financial consequences the sale of each property will have on our clients' economic health.

Helping You Prevent Future Litigation

At Barker | Cook, our attorneys believe the best way to succeed in a commercial real estate dispute is to prevent the dispute from ever arising. We represent clients during the negotiation process and draft commercial lease and purchase agreements that clearly define our clients' rights and responsibilities. Through smart negotiation and concise drafting, we reduce the possibility of future litigation and save our clients' time and money.

Take Action Today

If you find yourself in a business dispute involving commercial real estate, contact the Tampa real estate dispute attorneys of Barker | Cook at 800-539-5728.

Could Your Dispute Be Mediated?

Chris A. Barker is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a circuit-civil mediator. He can bring parties together using mediation to obtain out-of-court resolutions which help litigants resolve their legal disputes in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Based in Tampa, Mr. Barker conducts mediations throughout Florida and can conduct mediation conferences via Zoom for the convenience of all parties. Contact our office today!